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I want to join the Network

The usual way

Any person, parish group or movement become part of the network simply by praying for the monthly prayer intentions of the Pope. All those who want to be part of this worldwide Network are invited to unite in prayer on the first Friday of each month: the Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Pope’s Intentions. In a special way around the Eucharist, in order to be more available to the mission of Jesus, unite yourself with his Heart and to mobilize yourself during the month for the great challenges of humanity and of the mission of the Church.

A deeper way with a greater sense of involvement

Foundation–Follow the “Way of the Heart” to become apostles of prayer in your daily life. The Way of the Heart is comprised of nine steps designed to deepen your attachment to the Heart of Jesus. This way is proposed to all those who desire to participate more actively in the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (through retreats, meetings, or perhaps conversations the nine first Fridays of the month, etc.), based on the keys for the mission that are given for each month through the prayer intentions.

  • Personal commitment— Pray three times each day to grow closer to Jesus and carry out his work more and more, fulfilling the calling of your baptism. The three moments of prayer are marked by the offering of our life to God to start the day, which includes praying for the Pope’s intentions. During the day, take time to meditate on the Word of God, appreciating your oneness with Jesus Christ. At the end of your day, review it in the presence of the Holy Spirit, considering what we have done and can do to further the work of Christ on earth. What is essential in this second way is to find the ways, means, modes of collaboration with the mission of the Church expressed in the intentions or challenges of humanity, which the Pope has confided to us. [Cf. A]

  • Community commitment— Participating in a community of the Pope’s Worldwide Network of Prayer. Become part of a community committed to praying with the Pope. These praying communities look for ways to serve each month the challenges to humanity and of the mission of the Church expressed in the Pope’s intentions. Besides this, they support where it exists our youth branch, the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM), or other pastoral programs for young people. These communities are committed to the service of the mission of the local Church. [Cf. A]

Consecration as apostles of prayer–Those who want to go even deeper in their commitment to the service of the Pope’s Prayer Network are invited to devote their lives to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This makes them apostles at the service of the communities of the Apostleship of Prayer, of the national office, and of the mission of the Church.